Linda Waddell: Helping to advance scientific breakthroughs at LIMR

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Linda Waddell of Narberth, Pa., has been connected with Lankenau Medical Center for many years, as a donor, volunteer and currently an officer of the Lankenau Women’s Board and its Hamper Shop Auxiliary. However, it wasn’t until early 2018 that this former senior marketing executive of Verizon Corp. had the opportunity to attend a John D. Lankenau Society event and hear LIMR scientists speak in detail about their work.

She was incredibly impressed with the research underway and, in particular, fascinated by LIMR’s immunotherapy and stem cell research programs. Waddell said, “While I don’t have millions of dollars to donate to either of these fields, I was happy to find a place where my donation can make a difference by helping with necessary funding for these research initiatives.”

To that end, Waddell made a first-time gift to LIMR in 2018 of more than $30,000 to support the work of LIMR President and CEO Dr. George Prendergast, a world-renowned cancer research scientist.

Noted Dr. Prendergast, “LIMR has been the fortunate recipient of research grants to support our work over the years, but it’s even more meaningful to us when someone like Linda, who is so devoted to her community and uses her time and energy to better local organizations, understands the importance of the work we are doing and then acts on it to make a significant investment to further it.”

Waddell’s gift is a significant boon to LIMR. Philanthropic donations, of any size, support necessary research expenses, such as equipment and technology, supplies, and scientists’ and research assistants’ time. “I hope my story will inspire others in our community to consider a gift to LIMR and, in so doing, have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in its vital research program, especially in an age of decreasing public funding for such programs,” she said. “It’s inspiring to me to have the ability to help advance scientific research in my own backyard that has the potential for impact on a global level.”

Along with her volunteer roles at Lankenau, Waddell has served on numerous nonprofit boards and committees, including the Pennsylvania chapter of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, the Philadelphia branch of the International Dyslexia Association, American Insight, the Montgomery County Foundation, and the Narberth Community Library Board of Trustees.

Her commitment as both volunteer and donor to Lankenau Medical Center and LIMR will continue to help advance scientific breakthroughs and the best standards in patient care for years to come.

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