Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital

The Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital, founded in 1958, existed years before the hospital opened its doors in 1963. Initially, funds were raised through hosting fairs, horse shows and galas. The efforts now include proceeds from the Gift Shop and exclusive fundraising events, bringing the total over the years to more than $12 million for the hospital. From Health Center 3 to The Cancer Center and the Main Lobby to the fourth floor Medical Unit, we all recognize just how many projects and equipment have been paid for with these funds.

Fulfilling their pledge of $2 million toward Emergency Department expansion, the group gave the hospital $757,600 for renovations to a unit specifically for telemetry patients. Riddle also launched the Nurse Navigator Program for breast cancer patients and The Associated Auxiliaries donated $100,000 to support the services.

The support of The Associated Auxiliaries is highly valued and appreciated by Riddle’s administration and Main Line Health leadership.

Contact or join the auxiliaries

Becoming a member of the Associated Auxiliaries is easy and flexible. You may wish to help with events, attend our fundraisers, purchase items in our shops or become a donor. If you're interested or have any ideas, please email the office at [email protected].