The John B. Deaver Auxiliary

The John B. Deaver Auxiliary of the Women's Board of Lankenau Medical Center was named after Lankenau's highly esteemed surgeon, John Blair Deaver, MD. This volunteer fundraising organization has contributed many years of service to Lankenau Medical Center.

The John B. Deaver Auxiliary history

The Deaver Auxiliary was organized in March of 1934 by Florence Mary Dreer Hessenbruch, who served as the Auxiliary's first president. The first meeting of the Auxiliary took place on April 9, 1934, with 17 members present.

From its modest beginning as a service organization that made surgical dressings for the hospital, the Auxiliary has grown into ever-expanding activities, interests and programs. Today, the primary focus of the Auxiliary is fundraising in support of Lankenau's progressive expansion of programs and services that enhance patient care.

Over the years, the money raised has contributed to the establishment of Lankenau's Ambulatory Surgery Unit, the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Room and the Outpatient Physical Therapy Room. The Auxiliary also equipped the Histology Lab in the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research and contributed to the renovation of the Emergency Department.

The achievements and generosity of the Deaver Auxiliary are a true reflection of the resourcefulness and inspired nature of its members. The Auxiliary's involvement at Lankenau has proven to be monumental throughout the course of Lankenau's 160-year history—and shows much promise for our future.

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