Impact of Philanthropy at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Bryn Mawr Hospital Foundation
Bryn Mawr Hospital

Throughout its history, philanthropy has sustained and advanced Bryn Mawr Hospital. Gifts from friends and grateful patients enable capabilities beyond what you might expect from a community hospital and fund many core programs and services that the Hospital alone cannot support.

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Hospital benefactors have made the following achievements and offerings possible over the past year:

Enhancements to our urology offerings through the purchase of Aquablation, a new treatment option for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Echocardiogram Technology upgrades in the cardiac cath labs to provide state-of-the-art cardiovascular care to patients through advanced treatments and minimally invasive procedures.

NICU purchases including a new baby Isolette bed, donor breast milk and milk fortifier, ophthalmology equipment, and medical carts, as well as educational resources and specialty training for staff.

Newborn feet in hospital 

Pediatrics purchases including milk warmers, scales, recliners, as well as life support training for staff.

Labor and Delivery purchases of motorized stretchers.

Stretcher being transported down hospital hallway 

The purchase of a vein visualizer system that provides clinicians with an accurate image of patient veins.

Enhancements in Linear Accelerator software used for radiation treatments for patients with cancer.

Funding positions including oncology nurse navigators and social workers, who have an essential role in coordinating our patients' clinical care and access to resources.

Nurse navigator 

Funding clinical trial coordinator positions for oncology and cardiology trials.

Emergency Department IV Carts
Bryn Mawr Hospital's Emergency Room purchased 40 IV replacement carts that provides secure storage of needles, tubing and other IV supplies utilized in almost every Emergency Department patient visit.

Investments in our breast cancer program through the purchase of a new high-tech 3D specimen imaging equipment for our operating room to ensure that our breast cancer surgeons obtain clear margins during surgery.

3D specimen 

Investments in our talent pool by ensuring competitive physician and nursing recruitment incentives across a variety of disciplines.

Scholarships for employees pursuing nursing degrees.

Employee working at desk 

Employee wellness initiatives including resiliency training, support following critical incidents and stress-relief initiatives.

Investments in primary care services including funding the Bryn Mawr Family Practice social worker and recruitment incentives for primary care physicians.

Professional development, continuing education, skills training and conference participation to promote nursing excellence.

Medical library 

Providing medical and nursing subscriptions and resources for clinicians and staff in our Pew Medical Library.

Support of our graduate medical education programs including the Urologic Surgery Residency, Family Medicine Residency and Breast Fellowship.

Funding our Community Health Outreach program which reaches thousands of individuals in our area through its educational programming, screenings, vaccinations, nutrition counselling, tobacco cessation programs, safe driving initiatives, senior services and much more.

Endobronchial Ultrasound
Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) bronchoscopy is a procedure used to diagnose different kinds of lung problems, including infections or cancer. Performed by a pulmonologist, EBUS bronchoscopy uses a flexible tube that goes through your mouth and into your windpipe and lungs. The EBUS scope has a video camera with an ultrasound probe attached to take images of your lungs and nearby lymph nodes to accurately locate and evaluate areas seen on x-rays or scans that need a closer look. This technology brings a new imaging and diagnostic capability to Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Endobronchial ultrasound

Advanced training for our urology residents through the purchase of a da Vinci Robotic Surgery Console.

da Vinci 

Assistance for patients in need to cover medical bills, medications, transportation, home care, medical respite, dialysis and cremation services.

The return of our complementary inpatient therapies including pet therapy, therapeutic music, aromatherapy and reiki. 

Healing hands 

Funding for an ENT surgeon to attend advanced training to develop head and neck cancer capabilities.

Construction of our new and expanded Interventional Labs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmias and stroke.

New and expanded interventional lab 

Construction of our new and expanded Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit.

New equipment including wheelchairs and recliners on one of our units.


Pediatric Nurse Educator
At Bryn Mawr Hospital we have partnered with CHOP (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania) to provide evidence-based teaching and learning implementation to our pediatric nurses.